Slant faced oven with mirrors


Incorporating Nature, Spirit, Energy, Diversity and Appropriate Technology to help create a sustainable lifestyle with minimal impact on mother earth and her family.

All Our Sun Solar classes and products are designed with the five elements mentioned above. At Our Sun Solar we believe that Solar Energy is a gift from nature provided for to us to utilize, recognize and share.

Workshops for End Users!

Technology enables us to make quantified choices. But it must only be used in conjunction with Spirit and Nature. Never to supersede the two only mimicking what Spirit and Nature already provide.

Diversity represents the flora of the Earth. Without diversity all would appear the same.  Diversity is in the rainbow.

Spirit gives us the faith to believe in what we are doing and what we want to accomplish. Spirit is who we are.

Nature provides us with the necessary tools to perform our duties and sustain life. Our roots are in Nature.

Energy is the force that drives life’s very existence. Without Energy we would be standing still.


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