“Ed Eaton is a great teacher.  I am a Professor at the Colorado College and hiredEd to teach a course where we designed and installed a solar water pump for cattleon Kewa Pueblo.  The students loved Ed and found him very sincere and honest. He didA great job teaching about pumping water and solar systems .  He also is culturally awareand understood that the community’s needs had to be heard. I would love to work withhim again.  In 9 short days he taught all the science and we installed the system!’

All my best,

Sally Meyer


Ed Eaton is a fantastic teacher. For Ed solar isn’t a job, it is his life as he has spent decades working and living with solar energy. As one of his students long ago I found out that he also happens to be blessed with an excellent sense of humor and an engaging teaching style…that when combined with his solar knowledge can become an inspiration and a turning point for many students. It was for me.

-Justine Sanchez

Senior PV Technical Editor

Home Power Magazine


“I met Ed in 1995, while a student in two classes he was teaching (“Solar Cooking & Biofuels” and “Advance Photovoltaics”) at Solar Energy International.  The lessons learned from those courses still benefit me to this day.  Furthermore, and since then, I have had the ongoing opportunity to benefit, and to see dozens of others do so as well, from Ed’s passion and first-hand knowledge of solar principles and technology after sponsoring multiple workshops he has taught in my home town of Austin, Texas.”


Andrew McCullough

Meridian Solar Systems




I studied with Ed in the late 90’s taking solar cooking and sun oven classes, woman’s pv, solar in developing nations and more. Ed has taught some of my high school students when we studied energy. Currently Ed is mentoring my 16 year old son. Ed’ teaching style is engaging and informative, he keeps the class involved and helps everyone in the room to understand concepts that to me were foreign and potentially dry. Ed has a great sense of humor, a warm heart, and a highly developed consciousness that make his classes unique, comprehensive, practical and fun. I currently work as a community educator teaching students of all ages. I recommend Ed’s classed highly.

Sincerely, Alicia Michelsen


Ed Eaton was my first solar instructor back in February 2007 when I first entered the solar industry, and I can say without hesitation that he is an AWESOME instructor!!!

Ed has a masterful way of blending technical information with lifestyle advice, all communicated in an incredibly entertaining teaching style. Ed has been a true inspiration to me in both my career development and my understanding of solar technology, energy efficiency, and sustainability. After taking my entry level class I was able to cut my home’s annual electrical consumption by 25-35% saving a total of $4000 – $5000 in electrical costs over the past 7 years.

After completing my solar training, I went on to develop the largest solar dealer training program in the industry as Director of Training for AEE Solar. I thought so highly of Ed that I hired him to teach many of our entry level solar classes for AEE Solar contractors and customers. I now work as the Senior Director of Business Development for Quick Mount PV, and I also serve as the Secretary for NABCEP (the solar industry certification agency).

Take a class from Ed, you won’t be sorry!


Jeff Spies
Sr Director Business Development, Quick Mount PV
Secretary, NABCEP
3967 S. Hollyhock Pl. Chandler, AZ 85248
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